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Terminal Tackle Storage Tips

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

If you're like me and you fish completely different bodies of water like the California Delta one day and New Melones Reservoir the next then you'll be fishing completely different in most cases. I found a solution that works really well for me and I wanted to share.

When I'm fishing the California Delta I'm mostly power fishing with heavy power rods like a punch rod, frog rod, swimbait rod, etc., but when I'm fishing reservoir lakes 80% of what I'd bring to the Delta doesn't need to make the trip and visa versa. I care about weight in my boat and you should too, as less weight means better gas mileage on the water as well as potentially a better hole shot and top end. So I went to my local Bass Pro to see if I could find a solution and settled on 2 small boxes: the FOUR-COMPARTMENT TACKLE ORGANIZER and the SIX-COMPARTMENT TACKLE ORGANIZER. Both are made by Plano sell for $2.99 on the Plano website. I have what I call a day box that sits on top of one of my compartments and I use this as my "quick and easy, what I'm using that day" box and it allows me to quickly get what I need in a tournament and get back to fishing.

Here's what it looks like loaded with these small boxes

I used to carry all of this in one Terminal Tackle box and it was just too heavy and cumbersome to pull that whole box out just to get a hook and knowing that I didn't need the majority of the stuff in there on that trip. This set up allows me to only bring what I need (or think I'll need) on that specific trip.

These little boxes are deep enough to hold a good amount of what you need and they're not meant to hold 3 month supplies lol. I will continually fill them back up.

Hopefully it works for you as well!

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