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Never worry about a dead battery again!

As you know, I'm a big fan of Lithium Hub and their Ionic lithium batteries! They have been absolutely amazing in my bass boat and I just recently upgraded 4 group 31 lead acid batteries to 2 125Ah Ionic's in my RV, but that will be another article. What I want to talk about in this article is a newer product called the Ionic Emergency Start.

There are tons of backup batteries with a jumpstart accessory on the market right now and all of them will work, but this one is a little different and when Lithium Hub reached out and asked if I would like to test and review it, I had to say yes! They sent me two, one for my tow vehicle which in this case is a 2019 Yukon Denali XL and the other one for my bass boat. With COVID and the California fires I've been really late on getting this article out there, but that just means I have more testing to share.

I installed the units in September of 2020 and it was incredibly easy to do. The best place for the Yukon was right on top of the battery cover with the included velcro a secured with some zip ties. If I ever need to replace the battery, it's a very quick removal. You can see the finished installation in the video at the end.

Let's talk about some of the reasons I really like the Ionic Emergency Start:

  • It's permanently (we'll semi-permanent) mounted to the vehicle. That's important because you don't have to remember to charge it or better yet remember to bring it with you. It's there and 100% ready to go when the need comes up because your alternator charges the unit!

  • You can jumpstart your vehicle/boat right from your phone via their app! The ability to jumpstart right from your phone is more than just a convenience in my opinion. We live in a crazy world and there's no getting around that so knowing that my wife won't be stranded somewhere is peace of mind for me.

  • You can jumpstart up to 20 times on a full charge, that means you're not scrambling to quickly buy a battery. If it's late at night you can jumpstart to get home, in the morning jumpstart to buy a battery, and then jumpstart to get home to install it and never once open the hood to do it!


The one thing that could ruin a perfectly good day on the water is when you're ready to call it a day because it's getting late and you turn the key and nothing happens! Many pleasure boats only have one battery and if you're playing music all day and not running around using your big motor to charge up the battery you're going to be flagging someone down to either give you a jump or worst case towing you in. With the Ionic Emergency Start it's a push of the button on your phone to get back to the dock.

For tournament anglers, we utilize every minute we have before heading back in to weigh-in so this a a very fast way to get you in on time and worth every penny of the $129.00 if you're carrying a winning or check cashing bag!

The good folks at Lithium Hub also gave me a discount code for 5% OFF to share with all of you for the Ionic Emergency Start so use EStart21Mike at the checkout. Make sure to check to see if this will work on your vehicle.

Here's the link to the video I did about why I was excited about this product

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