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My name is Mike Malinao and I'm an active family man with 3 beautiful children and an amazing wife. With over 20+ years recruiting professionals for Fortune 500 companies and currently the Vice President of Talent Acquisition & Development at a public online performance marketing company. Having competed in all kinds of different sports from football, basketball, wrestling, and mountain bike racing, I dove head first into the bass fishing tournament scene. I started like most others at the local club tournaments for a few years, then the team tournament Best Bass Tournaments circuit, and one year on the Co side for the Wild West Bass Trail circuit before moving up the Pro side where this will by third year competing against the West Coast's best anglers.  The Wild West Bass Trail is a highly visible bass fishing circuit televised on the Pursuit Channel!  

The combination of strong business acumen and marketing knowledge coupled with an intense passion for bass fishing and tournament fishing means that my partners are represented in the most professional way.

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